Our Mission

Welcome to St. Paul’s Church. Are you looking for a new church home? You will find that St. Paul’s is a welcoming church. We are rooted in the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. Perhaps getting to your church home today requires too much travel time. We understand! Maybe you are on a spiritual journey and this is one of your stops. Whatever the reason, you are welcome. Come again! You are invited to consider making this congregation home.

Our History

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church has been serving the community for over 130 years. Although officially organized in 1882, the Church actually got its start in June 1879 when local Lutherans began a Sunday School in the East Morrisania section of the Bronx. In January 1882, the first church building was erected at 150th Street and Robbins Avenue with Hugo Richter installed as the Head Pastor. In 1898, due to the growth of the congregation, the church had a new building dedicated on East 156th Street and Union Avenue. On its 25th anniversary, 16 stained glass windows made in Munich, Germany were given to the church; they are the very same windows that are seen in the sanctuary on McGraw Avenue. Ground was broken in June 1956 at the corner of McGraw and

Virginia Avenue for a new sanctuary and the doors were opened in October 1957. Over the years, the faces and ethnic makeup of the congregation may have changed, but the mission has stayed the same. What was once a congregation of European immigrants is now a culturally diverse one with ethnic groups from several nations lead by Reverend Fernando Otero.


Provide each member with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate life's challenges effectively, fostering spiritual growth and personal development.


Encourage all members to actively participate in meaningful community service projects, reflecting the love and teachings of Jesus Christ in every action.


Diligently spread the Gospel's message to every corner of the earth, offering hope, salvation, and the light of Christ to all who seek it.

Our Leadership